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Fiid Hack: Stuffed Italian Courgette Rollups

July 05, 2020

Fiid Hack: Stuffed Italian Courgette Rollups

This dish literally speaks back in Italian. Buon Appetito!

Serves 2


1 x Fiid Italian Sundried Tomato Lentil Ragu
2 x Courgette
1 x Tin Chopped Tomatoes
1tsp Garlic Powder
1tsp Onion Powder
1tsp Dried Oregano
1tbs Nutritional Yeast
1tbs Balsamic Vinegar
1tbs Olive Oil
1 x Handful Fresh Basil, chopped


  1. Preheat oven 200C
  2. Slice the courgettes into long strips and steam for five mins to soften slightly
  3. In a round oven proof dish pour your tinned tomatoes, mix in your garlic powder, onion powder and dried oregano
  4. Once your courgette has softened allow to cool slightly then spread your Fiid Italian Sundried Tomato Lentil Ragu along each strip of courgette and roll up to create a swirl. Place your roll up in to the dish on top of your tomato mix. Continue until you have all the courgette slices rolled up and placed snuggly beside each other. If you have any left over Fiid Italian Sundried Tomato Lentil Ragu, spoon around the courgettes and allow to fall into the sauce
  5. Sprinkle  Nutritional Yeast, salt and pepper over the top of the dish and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  6. Place in the oven for 25 – 30min
  7. Top with freshly chopped basil and serve


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