Hearty Chickpea Tagine

Our Hearty Chickpea Tagine is a melting pot of rich African spices and nourishing vegetables with earthy chickpeas and lentils resulting in a truly authentic Moroccan experience and an authentic hug in a bowl!

  • Lentils, Green beans, Coconut milk (coconut extract, water), Carrot puree, Sweet potato, Tomato puree, Water chestnut, Red bell pepper, Spices, Ginger, Red pepper, Mushroom concentrate, Lime leaf, Sea salt, Garlic, Corn starch, Vegetable powder, Lemongrass extract, Ginger extract, Salt, Vinegar, Lemon fibre.

  • Per 400g

    Energy (kj) 1140
    Energy (kcal) 272
    Fat 6.4
    - of which saturated fat
    Carbohydrates 34
    - of which sugar
    - of which added sugar*
    Fibre 11.2
    Protein 14
    Salt 1.2

    *of which added sugar - 0g
    All sugar is naturally occurring from vegetables

  • Perfect pairings for your bowls

    1. Sticky Coconut Rice 
    2. A fluffy bánh mí roll
    3. A big spoon 

Versatile AF