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Fiid crafts a range of versatile plant-based meal bowls that are ready in minutes. Think delicious, natural, wholefood dishes like chillies and curries but without the mess or prep it takes to cook them from scratch. They're perfect to eat on their own or use them as a base by adding whatever you have in your kitchen - other veggies, rice or pasta; the options are endless!

Stored in your cupboard or pantry for up to 18 months, fiid is a gamechanger when it comes to prepping everyday meals.

Fiid puts healthy eating on autopilot by making it easy to enjoy delicious veggie-packed meals when you need them.

Order online by choosing your meals (in bundles of 15,20 or 30) and we'll deliver direct to your door in days.

Absolutely nothing! Lots of people enjoy fiid from a bowl with just a spoon but don't let that stop your creative juices from flowing. We really meant it when we said that these are versatile! Our bowls are perfect for adding to pasta, rice, veggies, potatoes - you name it, someone has tried it!

All our bowls are made from 100% natural ingredients that you would cook with yourself at home - vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices. You won't find anything artificial or that you can't pronounce. With fiid, there's nothing added except time (ours though, because you're busy. we get it.)

We place the fresh ingredients in our fiid pouch, seal it and then cook it gently to perfection in a hot water bath. This extends the shelf life of each meal naturally, without any additives or preservatives which means that your fiid can be stored in your pantry, ready for when you need it.

There's another important reason why we cook our bowls this way - Food Waste. Over one third of all food produced goes to landfil and throughthis cooking method, we've totally eliminated Food Waste from our supply chain.

Absolutely. All our bowls have instructions for heating in both the microwave and on the hob at the back of the pack.

Our packaging falls under recycling symbol 7, which unfortunately isn't fully recyclable kerbside in most areas so please check before adding to your green bin.

Recently, Ireland announced that they will accept all soft plastics within your household recycling bin. This means that you can now add your fiid pouches to your green bin.