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Say goodbye <br>to sad AF <br>last-minute <br>meals
Say goodbye
to sad AF

Welcome to modern comfort food. Quick, easy, natural and delicious, this is real food, real fast.

We want the world to taste how damn good our bowls are so we're handing them out for free.

No catch, no gimmick. Free shipping and four free delicious lunches on us.

All natural with no Additives or Preservatives
100% Plant Based
3 of your 5 a day
High in Protein & Fibre
Gluten Free
What The FAQ?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

What ingredients are used in the fiid bowls? We only use wholefood, plant based ingredients that you would use to cook yourself at home. There’s no additives or preservatives in our bowls; just simple, natural, vegetables, beans, legumes, herbs and spices. Everything we make is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Where does the sugar in fiid come from? We don’t add any sugar to our bowls so all sugar is naturally occuring in the ingredients with nothing refined. Are the fiid bowls gluten free? Yes, all fiid products are certified gluten-free by ALS laboratories. All of our ingredients are naturally gluten-free and our bowls are made on a gluten free line in our facility to avoid the risk of cross contamination. Are the fiid bowls non-GMO? Yes, we only use non-GMO ingredients in all our bowls. Are the fiid bowls organic? No. While we have made a conscious effort to use only non-GMO ingredients in our bowls, we are not currently pursuing organic certification. Right now our number one priority is creating delicious, nutritious and natural food while keeping our products accessible to everyone. By choosing organic ingredients, our price point would have been prohibitive to a lot of people and that’s not what we are about. In saying that, it is something we would like to start exploring down the line as we grow and it makes sense. Are the fiid bowls allergen free? Our manufacturing process and all product produced on our equipment are free from all major food allergens. This includes, but is not limited to, peanuts, wheat, gluten, soybean, tree nuts, sesame, fish, crustacean shellfish, milk, eggs, celery, mustard, and food colouring. The only exception to this is the Italian Sun-dried Tomato and Lentil Ragu. This bowl contains celery which some customers may have an intolerance to. Where are the fiid bowls made? Our bowls are produced in Holland. We are so lucky to work with a world class manufacturing partner who is as committed to healthy, natural food and sustainable production as we are. We ❤️ them!
How Subscriptions Work

Take the pain out of discovering that you have no food left at home and subscribe to one our delicious plans:

1 - Choose from either one, two or three cases to be delivered each month. You save and get free shipping included too - no brainer if you ask us 

2 - Select which of our three editions you want included in your box. Each case contains six bowls

3 - We’ll ship it to you on the same day every month so that you always have some nourishing food at hand when you need it most

4 - Heading away or you want to mix up your order with a different edition? You can adjust your subscription, postpone or cancel it at any time, no stress