Meals for Ukraine

July 14, 2022 2 min read

14 July 2022

Meals For Ukraine

Like you, we're horrified about the devastation occurring in Ukraine. 142 days after the war begun, over 8 million people have been displaced and there is increasing pressure to provide humanitarian relief. 

Here at fiid HQ, we talked about how often we don't know how to help as individuals when the scale of the tragedy is so colossal, so we said we'd start with what we know best- meals. Given the non-perishable nature of our bowls, fiid is perfect to be distributed amongst those in need in Ukraine. 

Our team came across Dublin WOSP, who have been working with Harris Group to send goods to Ukraine over the past few months. They have sent over 500 pallets so far of medical supplies, food items, generators, and other humanitarian goods for families in need. 

Recently, through their Bridge4Ukraine route, Dublin WOSP decided to split their team into two smaller groups. The team that works at Harris Group will continue their amazing work helping refugees in Ireland and in West Ukraine. Another team will be responsible for purchasing food going to East Ukraine and medical supplies for hospitals in Kiyv and Dnipro. 

On their LinkedIN and Facebook pages, Dublin WOSP share updates on donations received and provide reports on recent trips to Ukraine including paperwork for proof of delivery, all while ensuring the safety of their team. The efforts of this community and all those involved within Dublin WOSP is an amazing demonstration of bravery, sympathy, and generosity.  

Thanks to our amazing customers, this week we were able to drop 150 fiid bowls off to Harris Group to be sent to Ukraine. We look forward to continuing this support in partnership with Dublin WOSP, and will be providing donation and delivery updates along the way!  

If you'd like to support as well, we've added a tipping function at checkout, so that the next time you're ordering you can pledge an additional amount, 100% of which will go towards meals that we will donate on your behalf to Dublin WOSP for the people of Ukraine. You'll find this at the last steps of your checkout, after clicking 'continue to payment'.


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Info on Dublin WOSP can be found here

As always, thanks everyone for your continued support. 

Team fiid ❤